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Young Monk was formed with a singular objective – to do the kind of work we believe in. Because we pick projects that excite us, we don´t feel burdened by the tasks we take on. We work harder than others because we like what we do. We enjoy ourselves in our jobs, and in the process, ensure that you enjoy associating with us too.

What are the values that define us, and how do they differ from other PR and Marketing Communications firms?

Our Values

Our Storytellers

We believe in the power of inspiration.We believe people can achieve great things if they believe in it enough. We believe in the power of positive change, one idea at time, and we believe in the power of stories and their ability to transform the world. Our small but dedicated team of Communications professionals help you tell your stories by raising them above the din of the daily humdrum.


Work With Us

We´re not about passion, we´re more than that. Our work is an inseparable part of ourselves. It´s why we lay so much emphasis on good, emotionally rewarding assignments. So that when we´re working, it doesn´t really feel like work, but just being ourselves. Do get in touch, if you want to work with or for us.

We live, work and play in New Delhi