We get people to know you better

We are Young Monks, Nice to meet you!

We are a Public Relations firm based in New Delhi, India, and have come together to take up exciting assignments.

What we offer

Who We Work With

  • Young Monk is (obviously) a spinoff from Old Monk and while we aren't rum drinkers, the legendary success of the brand, sans any advertising, continues to fascinate us
  • The name also suggests our approach to work. Prestige, power and money are secondary; we get high on stimulating work instead
  • We do the kind of work we believe in and hence enjoy ourselves in our jobs
  • Money isn't our number one priority. We'll love you if you pay us well, but we'll love you equally if you can't -- but can offer challenging work
  • We are not about passion - we are more than that. We believe in creating lasting impressions

Let's catch up for a drink

We want to do exciting work. If you think you can offer that, get in touch. We’d like to hear about your project and ideas. If our wavelengths match, we’ll collaborate. Money isn’t our number one priority. We’ll love you if you pay us well, but we’ll love you equally if you can’t -- but can offer challenging work.